Saturday, September 8, 2012


I think I should explain something about these Moviestar Morphs. I've noticed that some people think that the images are 'top half actress X' and 'bottom half actress Y'. No. That's not how they work. The hybrid image is truly 50% one person and 50% another - as if their DNA has mingled to make up a whole new person. I could go into the technical details but it would get a little complicated and, frankly, boring. The animated morphs I post with the answers should make the process more clear.

Now. On to MM number 4. This one should definately be harder than the previous three so I don't expect quite as many correct answers as last time!
Which two actresses make up this cheerful lady?


  1. What a fun and creative thing to do on your blog.

    I am going to guess that this one is Loretta Young and Lucille Ball.

  2. Lucille Ball and Claudette Colbert?

  3. I think we can agree Lucille Ball is in there, but who is mystery lady no. 2? Find out tomorrow!

  4. I'd say Lucille Ball and Claudette Colbert.


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