Thursday, September 6, 2012


BORN TODAY: Max Schreck (1879 - 1936)
An accomplished actor of stage and screen, Schreck will forever be associated with the one role that made him immortal: Count Orlok in the silent Nosferatu (1922). A thinly-veiled copy of the famous Dracula story, Nosferatu follows more or less the same story line as Bram Stoker's novel. But with Count Orlok Schreck created a unique vampire that, once seen, can never be forgotten.

The film Shadow of the Vampire (2000) portrays Schreck as he was working on Nosferatu, the twist being that he was supposed to be a real vampire, brilliantly portayed by Willem Dafoe.
Nosferatu was remade by Werner Herzog with Klaus Kinski in the role of Count Dracula (this time there was no need for pseudonyms)in 1979, a film with its own merits though it never eclipses the horrific original.
Why not celebrate Schreck's birthday by watching the entire Nosferatu on YouTube? Leave a light on when you go to bed though...


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