Monday, September 24, 2012

MOVIESTAR MORPH 7 - the answer

This Moviestar Morph was a little easier than usual and a lot of people identified both actors correctly. I used two of my blog friend Patti's favourite actors, as she had kind of requested - as an exception, by the way!

(I think the end result kind of looks like Liam Neeson!)

As usual, here's the full morph sequence:


  1. So interesting how these are done! I am a huge William Holden fan, but even knowing he's there and how it's done, I still can only see John Garfield.

  2. Ah, Johan, thanks for putting 2 of my beloveds together. As soon as the photo came up on my Blogger dashboard, John Garfield jumped out at me. He, definitely, was the most obvious. As I studied the photo, I saw William Holden's chin. And when I read your clues, I knew it was Holden, because I know their birth years, their Academy Award statistics, and the number of films each man made. So, DKoren (not using your real name in case you don't want it public), I agree that Garfield is much more visible in the morph than our mutual man Holden is.

    Kind of fitting to meld the 2 of them, as they actually have the role of Golden Boy's Joe Bonaparte in common. Garfield played him on the stage in 1952 (was supposed to have played him during the play's first run in 1937), and Holden played him on-screen.

  3. Forgot to say that I agree, the morphed image does kind of resemble Liam Neeson.

  4. Just a note: even when one actor/actress seems much more 'prominent' in the morphed image, both faces contribute exactly 50% to the final image. It might be that actor X just has more dominant or recognizable features than actor Y.

  5. I think I have to rank these morphs in the "word scramble" category. I can't do word scrambles easily, no matter how hard or frequently I try. My brain just does not work well at untangling letters and making something else out of them. I kind of think these morphs are accessing the same part of my brain, and it can't unscramble the images. It latches onto whatever's prominent, and that's it! I never get any farther. Hee. Good thing I'm not a detective! LOL!

    Really looking forward to the next one!

  6. I've really been enjoying this series, it's such a clever idea.

  7. I've never heard of John Garfield, and I don't recognise him. No wonder I didn't get it.

    1. SerenaSeaGreen, you may just not associate a name with a face. Have you seen "The Postman Always Rings Twice?" He stars opposite Lana Turner in that film noir. Another one of his films you might have seen is "Gentleman's Agreement." He is Gregory Peck's Jewish friend in that film.

      Serena's comment brings home the tragedy of John Garfield. Though a brilliant actor (and the first of the "method" actors), he is largely unknown today. A casualty of the HUAC hearings, he was blacklisted for his refusal to name names, and the stress of the blacklist, coupled with a bad heart, caused him to suffer a fatal heart attack in 1952, at the age of 39.

      A boxed set of his films would go a long way towards making him a more recognizeable name, but, sadly, a boxed set has never been released. A fellow John Garfield fan has started a petition drive to convince Warners to release one. If you'd like more information about the petition (which I have signed), here is the link:


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