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The Big Lift is a dramatisation of real events during the Soviet blockade of Berlin in 1948, using real footage of the airlifts, making the film a historical document as well as an entertaining flick starring Montgomery Clift and Paul Douglas. The film is also populated by real servicemen, rather than actors or extras, adding another layer of authenticity. The love story is pure Hollywood, though, but it sits well within the confines of the limited scope of the main focus of the story. All round good performances, and the added interest of seeing part of actual history makes this film a pleasant 120 minutes to spend on the weekend.

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  1. As you already know, I completely adore Montgomery Clift. Plus being a sensational actor, he was about the most beautiful man I have ever seen. It's nearly impossible to improve on him...except to put him in a military uniform!! Ah, be still my heart!!

    I enjoyed this film and your post has put me in the mood for a re-watch. I own it (having recorded it from TCM), so I think I will pop it into my laptop one of these days soon.

    I read in Monty's bio that he and Mr. Douglas did not get along. One of them was always goofing around, which really irritated the other one. I don't remember who the jokester was, though, so I have put the book back on hold at the library.

    1. The book I have is called The Passion of Montgomery Clift. It has about five pages about The Big Lift but nothing about a strained relationship between Clift and Douglas. A quick look on Amazon and I counted 10 biographies on Montgomery Clift. I'm always weary of biographies that haven't been (co-)written by the subjects themselves. There's no telling what is true and what's been made up to make the book juicier.

  2. Patti, here I agree with you, OUR Monty was a beautiful man, in military uniform... or without it!


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