Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MOVIESTAR MORPH 11 - the answer

I'm not sure if it's a first but this time nobody guessed the morph correctly! Many saw Boris Karloff quite early on but just couldn't work out the second actor. It was Rock Hudson! Maybe Karloff's rough features were just too dominant to let Rock's more gentle ones through.

Here's the full morph:


  1. Wow, Rock Hudson was a surprise, I didn't see him at all.

  2. I would never have gotten Boris Karloff simply because I don't know him at all. If you put a photo of him in front of me and asked me to say who it was, I couldn't tell you. I am that unfamiliar with him.

    I adore Rock, though, and I think he is about the 2nd most gorgeous actor ever (Monty Clift is 1st). But I surely didn't see him in this morph. Obviously, you won this round, since you had every one of us fooled.


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